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Arsene Lupin Slot Machine - Play Online for Free Now

Arsene Lupin Slot Machine - Play Online for Free Now

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You might need to be at a correct position to do so. Jump to Queen's House and talk to Metcalf standing right of the Dormitory door. The shield taken from the weapons room is the coat of arms of the Round Table.

Jump back to Wakefield Tower. Holmes asks Watson to get a book about the shields on the Knights of the Round Table.

Go forward to the door. Find out that Barnes is not home. Talk to Piers the journalist. Watson promises a scoop.

Piers clears Watson's entry to the pub. Talk to the bartender and then talk to the drunken customer. Try to open the door right of the bar. Go towards the other door.

Talk to the crying woman that came out of the left door. She needs a fix. Jump to Baker St. Enter the room right of the fireplace.

Look around and search the room. Go to right side of the bed and click on the knob of the right top bedpost. Jump to and enter the pub.

Give the woman Sherlock's vial. Enter the back room right of bar. See a turtle race going on. Tracy, 1 turtle won.

Talk to Barnes who lost his money on Ginger, 2 turtle. He needs money to pay off the debt. Watch the sinister character and Piers talk.

The goon will accept jewelry or something similar. Jump to and enter apartment. Search Holmes bedroom again. Go to the bookcase-writing table at the corner.

Scandal in Bohemia is Holmes first adventure. See a picture of Irene Adler , possibly Holmes love. Take the Order of the Legion Honor medal.

Automatically, give the medal. Go to middle book alcove in the backroom. Turn right and take the Chivalry and Spiritualism book from middle shelf.

See that it has the coat of arms of the Knights of the Round Table. Barnes even made a profit. Use the London map, East side area and jump to Tower of London.

Holmes translated the Latin Inscription of the plaque. Knights of the Round Table coat of Arms puzzle: Study Holmes translation in Documents.

Identify all the coat of arms on the wall using the book. Pick up the weapon of each knight from the weapon's room rack. Jump to Weapon's room and talk to the guard.

Click each spear on the rack right of the fireplace. You can take only one weapon at a time. He identifies all of them left to right: Go to the suit of armors on the other wall.

Click on the weapon held by the left suit of armor; it is a morning star. The right suit of armor holds a sword. Place the weapons in the order shown by the translated plaque under the identified coat of arms at the Wakefield Tower.

In the order deduced: Go through the entryway. See that it is a bat. It needs to be stunned. Jump to the Queen's House. Take the flash camera on the table beside the third bed.

Jump to Wakefield Tower. Use the camera on the bat. Give it to Sergeant Wayne! Bird on the rampart: Jump to the ramparts.

Click the sunflower seeds taken from the storeroom on the parrot on the roof. She played you a trick German bird or eagle, one and the same.

What is the name of the parrot? Type in Irene Adler. Click on check mark. It is now dawn. Look up to the bird on the window of the White Tower.

Use the telescope to identify the bird. It is a lammergeier. Use the London map. Open the west area map and click on top left - Baker St.

Go up to the apartment. Find at least 10 sovereigns. Go to right side of the desk left of the door.

Crouch down Ctrl key and take coin from 4th drawer. Go to the left side of the desk left of the door. Take coin from third drawer.

Go to small drawers at left corner. Take coin from second drawer right side. Go to work table. Take coin from under microscope. Take coin from under mug at left mantle.

Look down on table left of fireplace. Take coin from under paper. Go to the coat rack on wall right of door. Take coin from middle hook.

Go to Holmes' bedroom. Go to right side table. Take coin from under the small cup right of lamp. Go to dressing table. Take coin from bottom drawer under the wig.

Go to book case at corner. Take coin from under 4th book from left. Go to left side table. Take coin from drawer.

Talk to the man and give him 10 sovereigns. Take Ginger, competition turtle 2. Tracy is not for sale. Jump to Tower of London. He wants a net. Jump to weapons room.

Try to take the net at the back wall. Use the string taken from the storeroom on the net. Click on the corner or intersecting points where the string should be placed to make a good weave.

Automatically get fishing net. Bird at White Tower: Watson comes back with the turtle. Place the turtle on the brown twigs on the brick path.

Ginger will never forgive me. Of course, of course! Use the fishing net on the bird. Automatically get the last note. Use the 6 illegible pieces of message on the lamp at Holmes' worktable and get Six Birds Poem.

Jump to National Gallery using the middle area of the London map. Talk to the Gallery Director. Look for 4 paintings of St.

Catherine all over the gallery. Raphael - Jump to Italian Gallery. Catherine of Alexandria by Raphael, second on the left of the entryway to the next gallery.

Solario - Click on St. Catherine of Alexandria by Solario right of the wood door at Italian Gallery. Crivelli - Click on the small painting of St.

Catherine of Alexandria by Crivelli, third right of the entryway to the next gallery. Lochner - Jump to German Gallery. Catherine of Alexandria by Lochner second to last on the south wall.

Holmes says to go back to Baker St. Open the west area of the London map. Watson got money from the bank. Enter the pub and the back room.

Talk to the bartender and drunken man. Talk to Piers waiting outside the pub. Piers will recover the medal using Watson's money.

To which treaty does the "Six Birds" poem refer? Jump to the bookstore. Get the book on the wall facing the left bookcases with the candelabra on the table.

Read about the Rosetta Stone used by Champollion to decode hieroglyphs. The stone is now at the British Museum. Talk to the Constable Rufles. Listen to the message.

Use the central area of the London map. Jump to the British Museum at top left of the map. British Museum July 16, Listen to the discussion of the Prime Minister and Holmes.

Lestrade gives a map of the museum. Meet Barncow, the librarian guard with the architect beside him. Egyptian and Babylonian Halls: See the Rosetta Stone.

Talk to Lestrade at the inner courtyard by the entrance building. Get there by exiting the Hall and go right to the next entryway. The police are now in place.

Lestrade says to ask the guards outside if there's any leftover from the mess. Jump to or go forward inside the entrance building and go out through the double doors.

Talk to any of the guard. There may be a bun or two in the bread bag by the portal. Turn left and forward to or jump to the outside grilled gate.

Check the bag on the ground beside a trash can. Talk to Piers, the journalist. Piers is calling in his markers. The thing is to find the key to open the gate and get the guards out of the way.

Maintenance room - Go inside the building. Enter the door at right. Take the hammer from the table. Enter the building at the center of the inner courtyard.

Talk to Barncow about the keys, curator and office. Go to the entrance building and enter the room on the left.

Check the desk and take the paper with red and blue doodling. It has a red 15, red clockwise arrow and a blue counterclockwise arrow.

Go to the safe. Central dial - The central dial has red and blue colored numbers. Based on the Curator's paper, move the central dial's red arrow to red This action points the green arrows to: Corner dials - Pull back resets the puzzle.

See that the safe has 4 dials at each corner and has 0 and 90 marks. The 0 and 90 marks show the degree of the angle of the dial's markings.

Each of the lines is a 15 degree mark. The paper showed that red is to be clockwise and the blue is to be counterclockwise. I - Right click to turn the dial counterclockwise to 75 5th line above zero.

II - Left click to turn the dial clockwise to 45 3rd line below zero. III - Right click to turn the dial counterclockwise to 30 second line above zero.

IV - Left click to turn the dial clockwise to 30 second line below zero. The architect arrives and talks about his worries. He mentions that one lion's base at the entrance is crumbling.

Lion at entrance to stairs: Exit the office and go across the lobby to the stairs. Get guards out of the way: Check the lion's base at right.

Use the hammer taken from the maintenance room on the top of the crumbling pedestal. Go outside and talk to the guard about the lion. Go to the gate and give Piers the key now that the guards are gone.

Go back inside the building and meet Holmes and Lestrade. Night July , Listen to the preparation done by Lestrade. The architect arrives stating that the iron bars were removed.

At the maintenance room, look around. Note by use of eye icon that a rope from the table, one of the pulleys from the wall and a soap bar are missing.

Go outside, right to the pit and canvas covered bricks. Look close and note that tarpaulin is gone from the middle pile of bricks.

Go to the top left side of the courtyard and enter the shed. Look and see that 2 bags of cement were taken. Talk to the architect and ask about the missing objects.

Barncow arrives and states that the rubble at the lion's base was removed. Go across to the crumbled lion's base. Look close at the footprint.

Use the magnifying lens and measure the footprints. The architect explains how a pulley can be used with the missing items.

The weight is based on the counter weight. So that is why the heavy rubble is gone. Run outside and left.

Watch the theft and the escape. Read the new clues thrown by Lupin. Take the time to check everything in both halls.

Read the first clue about beasts at the entrance. Go to the lion fountain on the left of the double doors. Take and read the new message.

The clue mentions about the Englishman who wrote about Veronese lovers. Go to the reading room. Talk to Barncow completely and learn how to find a book in the library.

Use the library's card catalogue: Look close at any one of the machines around the perimeter of the first level of the library.

Type in a keyword and then press the handle on the right. The card catalogue will show the page, book, author and where to find the book by area, row and column.

The areas are labeled by letters on signs that separate bookcases or on top of the shelves. Each level has 6 rows of books and there are 12 columns of books per area or letter.

Type in either Romeo or Juliet. It is at G It is in row 8, so that is second floor. Go up the stairs. Go to Area G, to the 4th column of books and second from bottom row.

Take the book and get a new clue. The clue mentions a red copper or bronze door that leads to nowhere.

Go to the Egyptian and Babylonian Hall. Turn right and go to the door at the end of the hall. Count off the 4th row from bottom. Count off from top down to 7th row.

Thanks to this door, I should know which book to find. Jump to Reading room. Use the card catalogue. Search through the different pages for a clue.

Go to page 41 and 36 and see a statue of Kali. Jump to Permanent Exhibition Halls. Go left and look at the Indian statues on the table on the left.

Move the middle statue and take the next clue. The clue talks about 3 similar brothers. Turn right and go to the left aisle.

Look close at first stele showing the 3 figures of Bes holding swords. Use the lens on the right deity's right ear.

See a plug under the ear. Click and automatically get the message. Look for Drink or be Drunk at Area E, 6th row at second level and 3rd column.

Read a note about a receptacle. Drink or be Drunk: Read the description of a receptacle with geese handles.

Go left and look at the vase at the end of the hall. Take the message under the left head of the geese. Read about 2 monkeys and a man.

Turn right and go to the right aisle. Look close at the last stele on right wall. See 2 men; one has 2 monkeys.

Look close and trace an invisible line down to the third row from that fingernail. Then move cursor to 5th cuneiform to the right and then click.

Holmes will copy the cuneiform. Decode the cuneiform by using the sidebar. Click on a letter at left and select the cuneiform you think it represents on the pop up menu.

The letter will automatically replace the cuneiform on the message at right. The last cuneiform in the picture below is Y. Jump to the Reading room.

Enter sea rocks forest. Get click-hold-drop the 3 books forest, rocks and sea on the title and stack them on bottom shelf. Use the tape to measure from top to bottom.

The 3 books are The clue talks about a round picture good for eating; 2 young girls and an olive tree. Jump to Permanent Exhibition Hall.

Go left and to the end. Face the plate displays and click on the shelf to get a zoom puzzle screen. Use the tape on the plate on top left one elder woman, 2 young girls and olive tree.

It is 52 cm in diameter. Calculate using the measurements taken. It is French Cuisine at Area J, 3rd row at second level and 3rd column. Use the lens to look for the next clue at middle bottom of left page.

See Lupin holding a Koala. Click on the picture of Lupin. Go left to the animal display on the right just behind the penguin on the floor. Click on the koala to get the next clue.

Read a description of a fake jug with yellow, brown and black colors. Go to the left end of the Permanent Exhibition Hall and see jugs, vases and other potteries.

Take the fifth from bottom left vase. Vase puzzle - Put the pieces together. Click-hold-drop the pieces from left to the right working area. Right click to turn the pieces.

Read the message printed on the vase. Read about bull, lion, guardian and demon. Jump to the Egyptian and Babylonian Hall.

Go to the right Shedu statue just ahead to the side of the archway and behind the broken pieces of glass on the floor. Look close and take the next message between its clawed feet.

Read the message about Kings. Pull back resets the puzzle. Jump to the Permanent Exhibition Hall. Go to the first case at the middle of the hall.

Look at the Medals. See a close up of the monarchs' commemorative medals. Then find Edward IV. Perfect, now on to the next step!

The Christian name that is common on the diagonal is Henry. Replace-exchange the Richards with the Williams of the same number.

Replace-exchange the fourth column medals with the 6th column medals row 1 with row 1 medal on 4th and 6th column, row 2 with row 2 medal on 4th and 6th column and so on Then think of an invisible line between Anne with Richard I the lion hearted.

The medal that is intersected by those 2 invisible lines is Jane Grey medal. Get Jane Grey medal. Go to the Director's Office and talk to the architect.

Go to the maintenance room and talk to Watson. In inventory, combine click-hold-drop the Jane Grey medal and the hammer to get the next clue.

Go left to the end of the right aisle. Look close at the Egyptian stela and use the lens. See a letter E. It is at the 8th row and 9th column.

Jump to Reading room and look for the book in Area E, 2nd row at second level and 9th column next to the stairs. Take a musical score. Talk to Barncow at the center of the room.

He can't read music. He needs to listen to the music. Take the Stradivarius violin on the musical instrument case at the Permanent Exhibition Hall.

Go back to Barncow and click the violin on him. Return, return , return The title is Return by The Scarabs. Go left to giant stone scarab beetle at the end of the hall.

Go to the front of the giant scarab beetle and take the message. The clue talks about sun and its court. Go to the Permanent Exhibition Hall.

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There is a baton-wielding cop, a gracefully beautiful lady, and the gentleman thief himself — Arsene Lupin. You don't need to be a master of disguise to take a bit of money from this slot machine.

All you need to do is find at least three or more matching icons on a payline and you will be rewarded to the following line bet prizes:.

Players can choose to spin this slot machine with 1, 5, 10 and 15 paylines with bet per line values that range from 0.

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What else would you expect from a slot machine that is based after one of the greatest tricksters of literary history? Arsene Lupin may not be the most well-known of literary characters, but he sure makes a good central character in this Capecod Gaming slot machine.

Arsene Lupin Slot Machine - Play Online for Free Now -

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Arsene Lupin Slot Machine - Play Online For Free Now Video

Heart Of Vegas - Free Online Slots

Machine Online Arsene Lupin for Now Play Free Slot - -

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